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The Benefits of a Post Frame Building

Interlocking Wall System

The Saddle truss connection is the centerpiece of Lester's well-known wall system, with girts butting up against the larger ply of the column, forming a rigid, interlocking wall system. In addition to this typical Lester framing system, we also offer a continuous girt or flush frame system.

Interlocking Truss to Column Connection

The engineered saddled truss connection allows secure fastening from both sides of the column, more than doubling the strength of the connection. This also allows for a more efficient load transer from roof to wall.

Uni-Frame I Footing

Provides a consistent high-quality foundation, straighter eave line and makes your building less prone to wind damage. Lester's pre-cast footings don't rely on variable moisture found in the soil to ensure their integrity.

Total Building Design Superiority

The Uni-Frame system provides superior structural integrity through one source. Trusses, roof purlins, bracing, columns and wall girts are engineered as a complete package. You avoid the anxiety of having multiple-component suppliers concerned only with their parts of the building. You can even benefit from lower insurance rates in some instances.

The Strongest Steel Panel in the Industry

The Uni-Rib panel is Lester's exclusive steel roof and wall panel. It features a unique design combination of superior steel tensile strength, and advanced corrugation pattern and optimum thickness to create the strongest 29-gauge panel available today. Plus, only the highest quality exterior screw fasteners are used for strength and corrosion resistance and are backed by the company's rigid testing program.

Flush Purlin Roof System

Stronger purlin (2 x 6 versus 2 x 4 used by many others) and less deflection. Southern Yellow Pine/Douglas Fir provides better fastener holding strength. Flush design greatly reduces bird nesting, improves truss bracing and increases diaphragm strength. Uni-Lock saddle hangers eliminate purlin roll and provide a stronger connection while increasing resistance to wind uplift.

Uni-Frame Columns

Lester's multi-ply Uni-Frame columns have a bending capacity up to 60% greater than solid 6" x 6" posts and allow for more uniform penetration of CCA treatment. Factory-assembled, laminated columns feature a mechanically controlled nailing pattern assuring consistency; thus, overall structural integrity is improved especially if wood knots are present.

Flexible Foundation System

Lester offers the flexibility of setting columns in the ground or on a concrete foundation. Lester's Uni-Frame II system offers the quality of a durable, steel-reinforced, poured concrete foundation.


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